4Cs In The Community


Hayward Promise Neighborhoods Partnership

4Cs of Alameda County is a proud partner of the Hayward Promise Neighborhoods team. 

Hayward Promise Neighborhoods (HPNs) programs are designed to ensure that all children growing up in Hayward, California, will have access to effective schools and strong systems of family and community support. Programs serve residents of the HPNs, including the Jackson Triangle (which is specifically the neighborhood bounded by Jackson Street, Harder Road, and Whitman Street, and the students who attend Harder and Park elementary schools, Winton and Cesar Chavez middle schools, and Hayward and Tennyson high schools) and South Hayward.

In addition to serving on the Implementation (Leadership) Team, 4Cs leads the following HPNs programs:

Early Learning Network: Collaborative network of HPNs partners focused on improving early learning systems and supports for HPN families with children 0-8 years old. Contact: Renee Herzfeld, (510) 584-3123, reneeh@4c-alameda.org.

Interested in learning about other HPNs programs? Visit the Hayward Promise Neighborhoods website: www.haywardpromise.org