Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission, Vision


Community Child Care Council (4Cs) of Alameda County exists to develop and coordinate resources to strengthen families and children.


By 2025, Community Child Care Council (4Cs) of Alameda County will be recognized by the community as an essential guide for delivering and navigating resources for families and caregivers throughout Alameda County.


(not in priority order)

Diversity . . . our staff and services respect and reflect the differences in the communities we serve

All children and families . . . are special, unique and have a right to reach their maximum potential

Accountability . . . personally taking responsibility for actions and outcomes

Professionalism . . . presenting oneself, programs and perspectives with knowledge, skills and respect

Teamwork . . . working in partnership with others (individuals and groups, internal and external) to achieve the mission and vision of the 4 C’s of Alameda County

Growth and development . . . we are committed to providing opportunities which maximize potential and nurture positive change for children, families, staff and child care professionals

Innovation and leadership . . . requires us to be proactive, take calculated risks and strive for excellence. We search for new ways to respond to the changing needs of our communities.


 4Cs is proud to be an agency partner supporting fathers in all facets of our programs and services.

Father Friendly Principles Final