Forms for Parents

Subsidized Child Care Program Guide

Child Care Payment Assistance Enrollment Forms

Parent forms

CalWORKs Stage One (Southern Alameda County)

  1. Adding a Child, Adding a Provider, or Changing a Provider
  2. Academic Training Verification (Online Application)
  3. Income Source
  4. Change of Contact Information Form (Online Application)
  5. Recertification
  6. Self-Employed Income Statement
  7. Self-Employment Verification
  8. Tax Transcript Form
  9. Verification of Employment
  10. Your Success Story
  11. New Client Enrollment Form (Online Application)
  12. Change of Provider Form (Online Application)

CAPP & CalWORKs Stage 2 & 3 (Oakland)

  1. Employment Verification Form (English) (Spanish)
  2. Eligibility Application (English) (Spanish)
  3. Parental Incapacity Form (English) (Spanish)
  4. Seeking Employment Plan (English) (Spanish)
  5. Parent Change of Address Form
  6. Request to Reduce Child Care Hours Form
  7. Self-Employed Income Log
  8. Self-Employment Verification Form (English) (Spanish)
  9. Tax Transcript Form
  10. School Training Verification Form (English) (Spanish)
  11. Your Success Story